2020 GFF Brokers Trading Tournament

GFF Brokers is excited to announce the 2020 GFF Brokers Trading Tournament – our first trading tournament with CASH PRIZES. Each participant will receive a GZT demo account with $10,000 of virtual $$. Traders will use their best strategy and the (3) traders with the highest P/L at the end of the month will be awarded Cash Prizes.

Start Day: April 1, 2020
End Day: April 30, 2020
Registration Cost: $149

Traders will compete throughout the month of April, and the top 3 traders who generate the highest net P/L at the end of the tournament WIN.

The WINNERS will receive:

  • First Place – $1,250*
  • Second Place – $750*
  • Third Place – $500*

The GFF Brokers Tournament will commence on the April 1st trading day!

The Rules

The undersigned wishes to compete in the 2020 GFF Brokers Trading Tournament sponsored by GFF Brokers.

Registration Requirements:
In order to participate in the tournament, entrant must complete the registration form and pay the $149 registration fee via Paypal. Multiple entries are permitted; entrant must provide a separate email address and pay a separate registration fee for each entrance.

Tournament Trading Period:
The Tournament trading period begins on or after the 4/1/2020 trading day and ends at the close of markets for the 4/30/2020 trading day. GFF Brokers reserves the right to postpone the starting date or to cancel the Tournament if, in its sole discretion, it determines that such action is reasonable or necessary. In the event that the tournament is cancelled, all registration fees will be reimbursed.

Additional Tournament Regulations & Details:
Options and Forex trading are NOT permitted. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. GFF Brokers reserves the right to refuse entry to any potential participant. Residents of the following countries are prohibited from tournament participation: Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, and other restricted countries; contact our office for a complete list of restricted countries. Void where prohibited by law.

*Winner Determination & Prize Details:
The winners shall be determined based on the highest final net P/L at the conclusion of the tournament. The top three profitable entrants will receive cash prizes: the top profitable entrant (first place) will receive $1,250, the second place winner will receive $750 and third place winner will receive $500. In the event of a tie, the prize award will be evenly divided among the tying entrants for the particular position (ie first, second, or third place). The cash prize will be issued in the form of a check or Paypal deposit, at the discretion of GFF Brokers. Entrant irrevocably authorizes GFF Brokers (Sponsor), in its sole discretion, to obtain and print and publish or otherwise utilize his/her/their names, ending P/L amount, photographs, and descriptions of GFF Tournament participation in connection with this or future Tournaments and with other promotions deemed appropriate by the sponsor. Winners assume responsibility for reporting and state/federal taxes.