2019 GFF Brokers Summer
Trading Tournament

GFF Brokers is excited to announce the 2019 GFF Brokers Summer Trading Tournament – our first LIVE trading tournament where traders will compete using their actual live trading accounts with real money on the line.

Contest Start Date: July 1, 2019
Minimum initial deposit: $2,000

Traders will compete throughout July, August and September, and the top 3 traders who generate the highest net P/L at the end of the tournament WIN.

The WINNERS will receive:

  • First Place – $1,000*
  • Second Place – $500*
  • Third Place – $250*

The 3 Month Summer Tournament will commence on the July 1st trading day!

The Rules

The undersigned wishes to compete in the GFF Brokers Tournament 2019 sponsored by GFF Brokers.

Account Opening Requirements & Funding information:
In order to participate in the tournament, entrant must open a new designated account at GFF Brokers with an initial deposit of at least $2,000 through one of the following FCMs: GAIN, Dorman, Ironbeam or Phillip Capital. After initial funding requirements are met and GFF Brokers is notified of intention to participate, GFF Brokers will confirm participation with entrant within 1-2 business days. Multiple entries are permitted, if entrant chooses to open and meet funding requirements for multiple accounts using different strategies. Initial deposits above the minimum requirement are permitted, including if the entrants intended markets and/or trading style require a higher balance. Entrant may deposit additional funds at any time, including to meet margin calls. Entrant may withdraw funds at any time during the tournament for any reason.

Tournament Trading Period:
The Tournament trading period begins on or after the 7/1/2019 trading day and ends at the close of markets for the 9/30/2019 trading day. GFF Brokers reserves the right to modify the length of the trading period, to postpone the starting date or to cancel the Tournament if, in its sole discretion, it determines that such action is reasonable or necessary.

Additional Tournament Regulations & Details:
All participating accounts will have commissions set at $3.00/side + Exchange & NFA fees for all eligible markets. Options and Forex trading are NOT permitted. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. GFF Brokers reserves the right to refuse entry to any potential participant. In the event or errors in order entry or execution, the determination of GFF Brokers and/or FCM shall be final with regard to Tournament standings.

*Winner Determination & Prize Details:
The winners shall be determined based on the highest final net P/L at the termination of the tournament. The top three profitable entrants will receive cash prizes deposited into their trading account: the top profitable entrant (first place) will receive $1,000, the second place winner will receive $500 and third place winner will receive $250. The cash prize deposit will display as a courtesy credit on the account statement. Entrant irrevocably authorizes GFF Brokers (Sponsor), in its sole discretion, to obtain and print and publish or otherwise utilize his/her/their names, ending P/L amount, photographs, and descriptions of GFF Tournament participation in connection with this or future Tournaments and with other promotions deemed appropriate by the sponsor. Winners assume responsibility for reporting and state/federal taxes.