CQG Mobile


View all of your trades across any CQG software. Use CQG M when you're away from your office or computer. Our web app allows you to view and control all your trading activity across CQG IC, CQG Trader, etc.

Quotes, Trading, and Order Management

CQG M provides the core functionality traders need while on the go. New features are being added continually to meet customer demand.


CQG M is built using HTML5, protobuf, and websocket technologies for the best cross-platform and device performance.

Supported Devices and OS

CQG M runs flawlessly on any HTML5-compatible browser, both mobile and desktop.

Operating System: Android v4.1.2 & later /
iOS 7
Operating System: X Mountain Lion & later / Windows 7 & later
Android smartphones & tablets     Apple Macintosh computers
Apple iPad 2, iPad generations 3 and 4, & iPad Air Any Windows-powered PC
Apple iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, & iPhone 5S