J-Trader by PATSystems is a
sophisticated trading solution
for futures and options.


PATSystems J-Trader is a sophisticated trading system that combines extensive direct access to Futures, Options, and Equity Exchanges, real-time streaming price distribution and advanced pre-trade risk management functionality. The J-Trader package includes, amongst other features, depth of market, status of all orders, real-time profit & loss and functionality for single-click trading.

Key Features of the J-Trader Platform

  • Ticket – A simple ticket trading screen for working orders
  • Status – An order book to display working and filled orders
  • Hot Quotes– An order entry and price discovery system for trading multiple exchanges and contracts Depth of market screens allow the user to display any contract’s full order book in real time
  • Matrix– An order entry and discovery report of the trader’s positions
  • Accounts– A list of available trading accounts from which the trader can execute orders
  • Settings – A configuration tool by which traders can customize their display

About the Developer

PATSystems (Professional Automated Trading Systems) is committed to delivering fast performance trading access to the world’s major electronic and open outcry exchanges, with a reputation for providing extremely quick, efficient risk management solutions.

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