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Matrix Iris Staged Trading Integration (MISTI)

MISTI facilitates the implementation of trade ideas between content providers and traders, allowing the trader to execute the trade in a single click without having to deal with setting up the order details. A binary “Go/No-Go” is all that is needed from the trader.

  • Instantly convert idea generators’ content into actionable orders. A content provider’s idea is inputted, queued up, and distributed to subscribers.
  • Eliminate minutiae – Upon receiving the data, MISTI instantly delivers actionable order tickets. You can modify, route, and manage these orders directly from the MISTI window screen.
  • MISTI manages the process. You control the trading decision. The trader maintains full authority to modify trade price and size.
  • Powerful fine-tuning – Preset your content variables and desired assets, then trade at your preferred tempo! Format multiple profiles based on your trading mood (such as: cautious, moderate & aggressive).
  • Real-time trade commentary and risk-management alerts – Users receive a chat feed for monitoring signals delivered by idea generators. The chat window gives access to content providers market commentary, position maintenance, and risk-management.

Compatible Trading Platforms

Featured Content Provider

  • TickerTocker
  • If you are interested in becoming one of our content providers, please send an email to

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