Feature-rich, highly customizable charting & trading software, including Order Flow analysis tools

Sigma360 Trader

Sigma360 Trader is a versatile, feature-rich, user-friendly and highly customizable trading and charting platform with some of the most advanced analysis tools available, combined with professional level futures trading execution & position management.

There are 2 versions of the platform available: Standard Edition (Free) & Order Flow Edition.

Included with Both Standard Edition & Order Flow Edition:
  • Versatility Built-in: Compatible with Mac, Windows & Linux. Workspaces can be saved locally or stored on the Sigma Cloud.
  • Advanced Chart Tools (Analysis Components like Trend Lines, Fibonacci, Advanced Commentary and more) & 19 Chart Bar Types.  Chart Templates and Chart Linking available.
  • 290+ Built-in Studies / Indicators included
  • Timeframe Visibility Options & Simple Price Alerts
  • Trade Simulation (Unlimited) / Replay Mode
  • Advanced Trading Capabilities: Trading from the Chart, Trading from DOM with Exit Strategies & more
  • Order Flow Tools – Volume Profile & VWAP Only (additional Advanced Order Flow features available with Order Flow Edition, details below)
  • Depth of Market Ladder (Advanced DOM available with Order Flow Edition, details below)
Included Only with Order Flow Edition:
  • 300+ Built-in Studies / Indicators included
  • Order Flow – Advanced Tools & Studies Pack, including Volume Imprint (Footprint Charts), Time Price Opportunity (TPO) Study & Component, and DOM History Study
  • Advanced DOM – Depth of Market
  • Non-Linear and Second-Based Bars
Volume Profile & VWAP

Volume Profile Study displays the distribution of volume traded at each price (or price range) for a given period of time. This identifies how trading activity is distributed by volume (exchanged units) and shows key support and resistance levels

The VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) Study uses historical tick data to calculate the average weighted price by volume. Optionally, ticks can be generated from historical minute bars.

This feature is available with both editions of the trading platform.

Heat Map*

The HeatMap shows the historical display of cumulative limit order sizes above and below the market price.  It graphically displays historical Depth of Market sizes. Blocks are shaded according to their relative size. Darker shading indicates higher sizes (lighter shading on dark chart themes).

This study can be very useful to discover where potential support and resistance levels existed based on the cumulative size of the orders to buy or sell at the given price.

*This feature is only available with the Sigma360 Trader Order Flow Edition.

Volume Footprint (Imprint)*

Volume Imprint provides several ways to look at volume and how it relates to price. This study uses historical tick data to segment volume into price intervals. Each price interval divides the volume into bid volume and ask volume.

There are currently 5 different types of Footprint charts:

– Profile
– Bid/Ask
– Ladder
– Delta
– Volume

*This feature is only available with the Sigma360 Trader Order Flow Edition.

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit or higher, macOS 10.10.5 (Yosemite) or higher
  • Graphics Card with minimum 512 MB Memory
  • 4 GB System Memory
  • 1 GB Disk Space

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