Fund Your Trading Account – Ironbeam Accounts

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You may fund your account in several different ways: ACH Transfer, Bank Wire, Personal Check or Account Transfer. Regardless of the method of funding you choose, please keep in mind that the FCM does not accept third party funds; the originator of the funds must always be the name or names listed as the account owner. Please make sure your account is open prior to funding; it is against our regulations to keep unapplied funds.

To view the funding instructions, please login to your Ironbeam account at:
Once logged in, select: Account Services > Transfer Funds > Deposit Funds

Ironbeam does not accept money orders or cashier’s checks. Personal checks sent to fund the account should be for USD. ACH Transfers have 10-day business hold before use.

To request a PDF copy of the most current funding instructions, please contact our office :