2019 GFF Brokers
Spring Tournament

GFF Brokers is excited to announce the 2019 Spring Trading Tournament to commence on the March 4th trading day. Each participant will use a GZT demo account with $50,000 of virtual $$. Use your best trading strategy and compete to win 1st place! The contest will run for two weeks from the March 4th – March 15th.

Based on their final P/L, the top 3 traders will be awarded commission-free contracts to be used in their live trading accounts:

  • 1st Place – 500 commission-free contracts*
  • 2nd Place– 250 commission-free contracts *
  • 3rd Place – 50 commission-free contracts *

Space is limited to 50 participants;
Register now to reserve your spot!

The Rules

The undersigned wishes to compete in the 2019 GFF Brokers Spring Trading Tournament.

Registration Information: Entrant agrees to begin trading on or after the March 4th trading day. The Tournament trading period will end as of the close of markets on 3/15/2019. The tournament competition official signup deadline is 3/1/2019; late entrance may be permitted, however please allow 1-2 business days as all late entrants will need to be manually enabled.

Contest Details: Each participant will start with $50,000.00 balance in their live simulation account using the GZT platform; participants are not permitted to alter their balance with any additional virtual funds. Altering demo account balance is grounds for immediate disqualification. GFF Brokers reserves the right to modify the length of the trading period, to postpone the starting date or to cancel the Tournament if, in its sole discretion, it determines that such action is reasonable or necessary. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. GFF Brokers reserves the right to refuse entry to any potential participant. Space is limited to 50 participants.

Prize Details: The top three profitable entrants will receive commission-free contracts*: the top profitable entrant (first place) will receive 500 commission free contracts*, the second place winner will receive 250 commission free contracts* and third place winner will receive 100 commission free contracts*. Entrant irrevocably authorizes GFF Brokers (Sponsor), in its sole discretion, to obtain and print, publish, televise or otherwise utilize his/her/their names, photographs, and descriptions of GFF Tournament participation in connection with this or future Tournaments and with other promotions deemed appropriate by the sponsor. Sponsor may compensate entrant at its discretion.

*Free commission prizes do not include Exchange, Clearing, NFA, & Technology fees. Commission free trades are for new accounts only. Accounts must be opened with the GZT platform and approved by the FCM and IB. Must fund with a minimum $2,500. Winners will be charged commission in his/her/their account and then reimbursed within 30 days of last trade date. Free commission prizes will expire 30 days after initial trade has been placed in the live account.