The Death of the Pit Trader

When Trading Was Grueling, Gritty, and “Real” There was a time when trading could have been likened to a contact sport. All trades, equities and commodities, took place between people within a small and tightly packed space: a trading pit. 

Volatility Over Potential China “Trade War” Isn’t Over Yet

The news concerning forecasted Fed rate hikes, inflation projections, and a potential trade war with China have shaken up the markets since February of this year. It seems as if the only thing “certain” in this uncertain economic environment is

GFF Brokers Launches New Trading Platform – AXESS TRADER

Powerful trading and analysis modules are just the start of a seamless trading experience with Axess. Manage your market data directly from the platform using any device. No calls or emails. Away from your desktop and want to make a change?

A Quick Guide to Technical Trading Patterns

Trading strategies can be boiled down into two primary groups: Fundamental and Technical. Fundamental traders focus their efforts on the underlying factors that may fuel market behavior. Technical traders, on the other hand, focus on one thing and one thing

Tips for Identifying a Trending Market

Markets have a tendency to spend most of their time range-bound, or simply moving sideways. When a major trend does occur in a market, however, they can potentially be very powerful. A major trend can last weeks, months or even

Tips for a Better Trade Setup

Successful traders know that trading can’t simply be about buying or selling and hoping for the best. To have a chance of success, traders must always consider risk management and constantly fine-tune their skills knowing that trade entry and exits

The Best Tools to Identify Market Extremes

When it comes to financial markets, there is a vast array of strategies at the trader’s disposal. Some traders look to follow trends, others try to focus their efforts on countertrends. Some trade on a long-term time frame, while others

The Psychology of Futures Trading

Today’s derivatives markets are full of opportunity, as well as risk. Price volatility can cause rapid and significant swings in asset prices, and sometimes longer-term trends develop that can continue for weeks, months or even years.   There’s nothing like