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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no minimum to open an account; you only need to deposit enough funds to cover the margins for the products and trades you plan to place. Please be aware that while there is no minimum for some account types, there is a minimum initial deposit. Please consult with your broker prior to opening your account to determine if a minimum initial deposit applies for accounts opened.

Because we offer a wide selection of platforms, support accounts with a variety of FCMs, offer multiple account types and various services, our brokers quote commissions individually.  Click here to get your commission quote.

The Overnight/Full and Day Trading Margins are listed on our website on our Margins page. The Overnight/Full margins are determined by the exchanges, so they are the same for all FCMs. Day Trading Margins vary depending on the FCM, so please make sure you are looking at the appropriate margin table for your account.

Funding instructions vary depending on the FCM/FDM. Please be aware that most accounts can be funded with a variety of currencies. View funding instructions here.

To withdraw funds from your account, please view our Withdrawal page.

Market Hours are listed under each product on the Futures Products page.

Yes, accounts are available for Canadian clients through several of our FCMs.

Yes. Please notify your broker PRIOR to account opening that you plan to trade with funds from an IRA account and they will advise you of the proper account application to complete.

Our trade desk and support staff are available to you 24-hours* a day, so you can always call in your orders.
Call our order desk at: 866-249-4582 (Toll Free USA/Canada) or 818-510-3482 (International).

Our technical support staff are available to you 24-hours* a day, so you can always contact our office, Email: tech@gffbrokers.com or via phone: 844-896-7432 (Toll Free USA/Canada) or 818-510-4590 (International).

*Our in-house technical support and order desk departments are available Sunday 2:00 PM – Friday 3:00PM Pacific Time. Hours are subject to change without notice. The availability of other departments in our office varies. You may contact us directly to inquire about department availability.

Yes we do. Not all trading platforms are available as mobile apps, but we do offer several futures and forex platforms that are available as an app. Please speak with your broker about your options.

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