Powerful trading and analysis modules are just
the start of a seamless trading experience with Axess.

Axess Trader

  • Manage your market data directly from the platform using any device. No calls or emails. Away from your desktop and want to make a change? No problem; simply log in with your mobile app, select the change you want to make, and have it immediately and automatically made
  • Create customized workspace template or load templates created by Axess or other traders with a single click
  • Chat directly with our customer support and trade desk teams (we offer phone support as well for the times you need it)
  • Set customizable alerts to see and hear when something important happens in the market
  • Get real-time news and research to stay on top of the latest events
  • On-demand reports to view and filter all of the order, positions, cash, and membership activity you need
  • 2-factor authentication option to enhance your security and protect against unauthorized account access
  • Trading performance statistics reports to review and analyze all your trading activity
Depth Of Market

Specifically designed for traders seeking a robust DOM that’s easy to use with fast execution, Axess’ depth of market (DOM) module allows traders to quickly analyze price information in the exchange’s limit order book, rapidly execute trades, and easily manage positions. The DOM gives traders an indispensable view of the market and power to trade their strategies with precision, including:


Traders can easily customize charts that can be accessed from any device and personalized to meet user preferences using a host of styles, timeframes, and technical indicators


Axess’ user friendly quote board allow traders to clearly observe market data, rapidly analyze the information, and act accordingly.

Advanced order management

Axess delivers cutting-edge trade management technology to automatically manage orders and create custom exit strategies.

Axess’ cloud-based platform holds all orders either securely at the exchange or server-side, never on your device. Trade confidently knowing that a computer crash or internet disruption will not cause your exit orders or strategies to fail.

Market Replay

Do you ever wish you could go back in time to trade the last FOMC meeting, jobs report, or EIA inventory report? The market replay will let you simply watch the market action or trade tick-for-tick with full market depth in actual time or in fast-forward speed to see how the market traded on days when the market moved. Use market replay with all of Axess’ modules (DOM, charts, etc.) as well as most third-party add-ons.

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