Fund Your Trading Account – Phillip Capital

Due to anti-money laundering laws, Phillip Capital can only accept funds coming from an account in the same name as your trading account.  Regardless of the method of funding you choose, please keep in mind that the FCM does not accept third party funds.  Please make sure your account is open prior to funding.  It is against regulations to keep unapplied funds and the FCM will return to you any third party funds, cashier’s checks, money orders or starter checks.  Please be aware that there is an initial funding requirement of $2,500 in order to activate your account for trading.

To choose a different FCM or FDM, click here.

You may fund your account in three different ways: by domestic wire, by personal check, or by ACH transfer.

USD Wire Instructions:

Beneficiary:  Phillip Capital Inc. Customer Seg. Acct FBO <Insert your Account #>

Bank: Citibank N.A. (New York, NY, +1.302.323.3600

Bank Account Number: 30865347

Bank Routing:  021000089 (SWIFT: CITIUS33)

If you wish to fund in another currency, other than USD, please click here.


Personal Check Instructions (USD only):

            All checks must be made payable to Phillip Capital and sent to mailing address:

            Phillip Capital Inc.

            141 West Jackson Blvd.

            Suite 1531A

            Chicago, IL 60604

Personal check details:  There is a hold of 5 business days prior to use.


ACH Transfers (USD only):

If you wish to fund your account via ACH transfer, please click here.
There is a 5 business day hold for ACH transfers.