We are proud to offer an array of futures and forex platforms to help futures traders compete in today’s markets – through speed, global access, tools, features, guides, and additional educational resources.

Futures Trading Technology

GFF Brokers offers a wide selection of futures trading platforms featuring state-of-the-art functionality and market access to help futures traders compete in the global markets. Peruse our selection of trading platforms and test their functionality by requesting a demo. View Futures Platforms.

Forex Trading Technology

Looking to trade in the foreign exchange markets? GFF Brokers provides an array of platform options for your forex trading needs.

Automated Trading Technology

GFF Brokers offers access to a marketplace featuring hundreds of automated trading systems. Through our marketplace, traders can explore trading strategies, select their FCM, enjoy the service of GFF Brokers, activate their strategy and trade hands-free.  If you already have a system in mind, we can work with you to set it up on your trading account.

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