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Pilot Trading

Pilot Trading condenses hundreds of real-time data feeds, applies deep-learning algos and visualizes these complex trends in four easy-to-understand signals:

  • Sentiment: Where the momentum of the market is pointing.
  • Perception: Displays room left for price movement.
  • Equilibrium: Filters out false positives.
  • Commitment: Identifies sturdy trends.

Each signal displays the data in an intuitive and mobile-friendly format for the trader. When the four signals light up, the trader should take action.

  • Pilot Trading utilizes a proprietary algorithm to notify user to enter a trade
  • User select their exit to optimize the potential return
  • User select their exit to optimize the potential return
  • Pilot Trading is a powerful trading tool for professional traders looking for new supplementary signals
  • Pilot Trading is easy to learn for new Traders
  • Pilot Trading has both paper and live-trading capability

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