An innovative trading platform which utilizes powerful indicators based on volumetric analysis.


VolSys® is an innovative trading platform which utilizes powerful indicators (Volume Profile, Order Flow Analyzer, etc) to understand market movements based on volume analysis.  Trade the market directly from the platform with one-click chart and DOM trading.

  • Charts – Time, Range, Volume, Order Flow Bars
  • Volume Profile – fully customizable indicator with automatic tick grouping. Volume profile can be applied to different periods: visible bar, session (hour, daily, weekly), composite or custom range.
  • Order Flow Analyzer –  combine price, volume and order flow in a single bar.  Identify potential support and resistance zones, buyers/seller acceleration and absorption.
  • Long-Term Continuous Chart
  • Confluence Identifier – a powerful indicator which provides support and resistance levels.  This indicator utilizes daily, weekly, monthly, Composite Profile, Zig-Zag Swing and Fibonacci retracements providing macro and micro levels of supply and demand.
  • Correlation Viewer – an innovative indicator that allows you to correlate the sample market, with as many tools as you want, in a single histogram chart that allows an instantaneous view of the various correlations.
  • Chart & DOM Trading – including OCO strategy

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