Anticipating a Breakout – Case Study: S&P 500 on October 28, 2019

There are certain major market movements that can be anticipated simply because all eyes are on the outcome. When approaching such a critical juncture, the outcome can sometimes be explosive, either moving the markets upward or downward. Rather than focusing

Lessons from the Bitcoin Bubble

If you walked into a grocery store or a coffee shop in December of 2017, you likely overheard several people talking about numerous cryptocurrencies, sounding almost as if they were crypto-experts. Everyone seemed to have a crypto recommendation. It was

Classic Falling Wedge Swing Trade in Corn Futures (ZC)

Corn futures may not be among the most popular of instruments for short-term trading. But there are times when the less popular markets present the clearer trading opportunities. It’s a matter of thinking differently from the crowd and seeking opportunities

Newsletter – July 2019

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