Classic Falling Wedge Swing Trade in Corn Futures (ZC)

Corn futures may not be among the most popular of instruments for short-term trading. But there are times when the less popular markets present the clearer trading opportunities. It’s a matter of thinking differently from the crowd and seeking opportunities

Newsletter – July

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Day Trading Against the Opening Range Breakout (NQ)

Many traders perceive that there is a true value for a market– where the price should be–and that if a given asset goes too far above or below this price, it comes back to this fair value range. And this

COMEX Silver and the Trading of an Allegedly Manipulated Market

A common complaint from many technical day traders & swing traders is that of “market manipulation.” Apparently, so the complaint goes, either the fundamentals or technicals appear to give a clear indication of price, up until a relatively large “whale”

Market Direction – The Key to Anticipating Swing Trade Opportunities

Where is the Market Heading? There are times when market action can be difficult to interpret. A scenario may appear in which all three directional conditions–uptrend, downtrend, and sideways market–are equally possible. If you’ve traded the markets for some time,