Day Trading Against the Opening Range Breakout (NQ)

Many traders perceive that there is a true value for a market– where the price should be–and that if a given asset goes too far above or below this price, it comes back to this fair value range. And this

COMEX Silver and the Trading of an Allegedly Manipulated Market

A common complaint from many technical day traders & swing traders is that of “market manipulation.” Apparently, so the complaint goes, either the fundamentals or technicals appear to give a clear indication of price, up until a relatively large “whale”

Market Direction – The Key to Anticipating Swing Trade Opportunities

Where is the Market Heading? There are times when market action can be difficult to interpret. A scenario may appear in which all three directional conditions–uptrend, downtrend, and sideways market–are equally possible. If you’ve traded the markets for some time,

Trading EOD (End of Day) vs Day Trading

Not everyone has the time to day trade. For many traders, day trading means following a particular method that may present several trades in a given day–trades they might not want to miss for fear of missing out on the

10 Reasons Why You Might Want to Trade E-Mini Futures

Futures are financial derivatives that get their value from an underlying market (stock indices or commodities) or asset class (such as individual currency pairs). E-mini futures are smaller versions of larger futures contracts, meaning that their total contract value and

Winners Announced! GFF Brokers Trading Tournament – 2018

Congratulate the winners   GFF Brokers is excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Trading Tournament using our Axess Trader platform. Contestants showed their skills during the 2-week trading contest and we have calculated the results. Based on their