Newsletter – May 2019

Coming Soon! Micro E-mini Futures CME Group announced: Micro E-mini futures on S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000 and DJIA will start trading on May 6.    Upcoming Government Reports & Holidays     May 01 CONSTRUCTION SPENDING REPORT May 01

Day Trading Against the Opening Range Breakout (NQ)

Many traders perceive that there is a true value for a market– where the price should be–and that if a given asset goes too far above or below this price, it comes back to this fair value range. And this

Using the RSI and Price Action to Fade the Energy Markets

Fading the markets is gutsy and it’s counter-intuitive. It is highly risky. And since no investor can definitively identify market bottoms or tops, let alone “timing” a peak or trough, most fail in the attempt. But, a few do actually

COMEX Silver and the Trading of an Allegedly Manipulated Market

A common complaint from many technical day traders & swing traders is that of “market manipulation.” Apparently, so the complaint goes, either the fundamentals or technicals appear to give a clear indication of price, up until a relatively large “whale”

Bull Correction or Bear Rally?

By the time you read this, the markets will already have moved beyond the current price levels at the time of this writing. Friday (March 8, 2019) capped off a 5-day consecutive losing streak for the Dow, S&P 500, and

Swing Trading the Tricky “V Bottom”

“V Bottoms” can be notoriously difficult to trade. You are coming off a steep and often panic-driven market selloff. Next thing you know, the market undergoes a sharp reversal to the upside. And it keeps on going, leaving you behind