Futures Trading Basics: All About Trailing Stop Orders

Many traders freely place a basic stop loss with every trade they enter, but trailing stops can seem more complicated and may be used less often, if at all.  The purpose of a stop loss is simple to understand –

Newsletter – Jan 2020

As we enter into the 2020 New Year, GFF Brokers would like to take a moment to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to earn your business. We wish you a successful New Year!!!   Upcoming Government Reports &

Using Fibonacci Retracements to Sharpen Your Trading Scope

Fibonacci Retracements – What are they and more importantly how are they used in trading? They are a set of ratios derived from the Fibonacci sequence, which is a mathematical series that’s derived from the golden ratio (1.618033). It’s made

Exploring What Triggered the Market Crash of 2008

The market crash of 2008 was just over a decade ago, so it is still in the recent memory of many investors.  It is generally undisputed that the underlying cause of the 2008-2009 bear market is the housing crisis stemming

Anticipating a Breakout – Case Study: S&P 500 on October 28, 2019

There are certain major market movements that can be anticipated simply because all eyes are on the outcome. When approaching such a critical juncture, the outcome can sometimes be explosive, either moving the markets upward or downward. Rather than focusing

Lessons from the Bitcoin Bubble

If you walked into a grocery store or a coffee shop in December of 2017, you likely overheard several people talking about numerous cryptocurrencies, sounding almost as if they were crypto-experts. Everyone seemed to have a crypto recommendation. It was

Should I Avoid Systems That Have No Live Track Record?

There are hundreds of automated trading systems that tout strong positive returns. Some of these systems present “live” track records while others present only “hypothetical” performance results. The question any potential subscriber might ask is whether a live track record