How Traders Can Navigate Extreme Market Volatility

Today’s market is like a cauldron of blisteringly hot and toxic economic soup. Let’s take a look at our ingredient list.  Inflation, check.  Potential wage spiral, check. Pandemic variants, check. Global GDP downgrades, and domestic and geopolitical risks—check, check, and

February Monthly Newsletter

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Setups for Frequent Day Trading Patterns

When you’re day trading the markets, you’re looking to take advantage of micro supply and demand levels. Longer-term investors call this “market noise,” or fluctuations that may have no significance in the larger fundamental scale of things. But for day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, there are revised trading hours on Monday, 1/17/22.  Please refer to the links below for detailed trading hours: CME Group Holiday Calendar 2022 ICE Exchange Holiday Schedule 2022 EUREX Holiday Regulations 2022

What Are the Likely Market Drivers for 2022?

Here are a few things to watch out for as we head into the new year. An expensive and volatile year: If you think the cost of goods are expensive now, expect them to rise even further. Notice how the

Holiday Schedule – Christmas

In observance of the Christmas holiday, there are revised trading hours.  Please refer to the links below for detailed trading hours: CME Group Holiday Calendar 2021 ICE Exchange Holiday Schedule 2021 EUREX Holiday Regulations 2021 Please be aware that the

Don’t Let Fear Overpower Your Trading

When we think “risk,” we instinctively think “fear.”  That’s because we value survival. Fear is our natural radar. It’s served us humans for hundreds of thousands of years. Although digital trading is a relatively new thing, the same instincts apply.

Why Some Crypto Investors Prefer Ethereum

When first-time crypto investors make their first trades, most are faced with a choice between two of the largest coins in the crypto universe: Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some opt for one over the other. Some choose both. But even if