Tax Advantages of Futures Trading vs. Stock Trading

Disclaimer: The following information is meant for educational purposes and is not to be taken as professional tax advice. Please consult a tax professional to gain more accurate and comprehensive advice on the information provided below. Tax Season Is No

BTFD Strategy 3 – Using the 50 EMA

When you tune into financial media, you’ll often hear some chartist say that price is above the 50 Exponential Moving Average (or EMA). This means that an asset’s price is still on the up and up. You might also hear

BTFD Strategy 2 – Fibbing For A Better Buy

When price falls, sometimes it bounces back before it reaches a prior support level, as if reversing course “mid-air.” It may seem baffling at first, and you’re probably asking “why did it reverse there, and not higher or lower?” You’re

BTFD Strategy 1 – Map Out Potential Buy Points

Prices can move up and down in a wild volatile manner, so it is helpful to use a price map. Unless you’re accustomed to reading a chart, it’s easy to get lost in the immediate swing of things, unable to

What Does It Mean To BTFD?

Definition:  BTFD, or Buy The F****** Dip, is trendy crude-speak that suggests purchasing an asset that’s dropped in price or value. Understanding BTFD If you follow social trading channels, you’ll often come across BTFD recommendations for an asset that someone

President’s Day Holiday

In observance of the President’s Day Holiday, there are revised trading hours on Monday, 2/21/22.  Please refer to the links below for detailed trading hours: CME Group Holiday Calendar 2022 ICE Exchange Holiday Schedule 2022 EUREX Holiday Regulations 2022 Please